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Canaccede Financial Group - London, Ontario (PCI DSS compliant)

There are a lot of companies out there that couldn't meet our needs because [unlike LoginTC] they had never heard of our [WatchGuard] firewall before… I would recommend LoginTC. Honestly, it was the service level… our needs are met. When we had an issue with the solution that was blocking deployment, LoginTC fixed it and that always impresses a client – when you go above and beyond and build a new feature just for us. Which ended up being useful for a lot of people, but it’s just a reason [to sign-up] right there.

— Mark Vanpee, Director of Technology Services

Dorado Systems

Dorado Systems – Haddonfield, New Jersey (HIPAA compliant)

Dorado Systems selected LoginTC for a few factors. #1. Cost: A few Dorado employees had worked with competitors, such as RSA, at previous companies and found the tokens to be expensive and the soft tokens to be problematic. As a small company with a small budget and support staff, Dorado cannot be wasteful with any of its resources (money or employees). #2. Innovation: Dorado is changing the way eligibility is presented to our customers in the marketplace and likes to work with companies who are doing the same. LoginTC combines a secure authentication method with a smartphone (which all of our employees carry anyway). This made the decision much easier compared to other solutions. #3. Cloud-based offering: It was surprising to see how many companies in this space did not offer a cloud based management platform. At Dorado we didn’t want to manage yet another device. LoginTC’s pre-built RADIUS VM and cloud-based management meant one less thing to worry about.

— Fred Wittenberg, CTO

Home Furniture

Home Furniture Co. – Lafayette, Louisiana (Secure VPN Access)

I really want to praise Diego and the other developers that were very forthcoming with help and support. It was beyond what I’ve dealt with with other companies at times in terms of speed of response and willingness to help… I’d say [another benefit is] stability. It's been very stable. We have not really had any problems with y'alls' side of the system… I would probably [rate it] a 5 [out of 5 on a scale of satisfaction]. It's worked and y'all have been helpful. I also appreciate that y'all are quick with notifications and patches when there have been vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and whatnot.

— Jonathan Phifer, Systems Administrator


Wollerei – Wiener Neustadt, Austria (WordPress)

I'm using LoginTC for my WordPress sites and it is the best two factor protection for the WordPress admin I have tested so far... Two factor authentication to secure your WordPress admin panel is absolutely necessary. I have tried some other two factor plugins, which use mostly Google Authenticator... but LoginTC provides an extra layer of security as the login request has to be confirmed additionally by a[n optional] passphrase or PIN. As I am using BlackBerry 10, I use the native LoginTC app for BB10 which works flawlessly.

— Jörg Schönberger, Owner

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