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“6 Barriers To Implementing 2FA and How To Overcome Them” Webinar Recap

October 01, 2021Mercedes Chircop

We had our very first live webinar on Wednesday September 29th! If you missed it, here is a small recap.

What were those 6 barriers? Definitely an itch you’re dying to scratch if you didn’t make it to the webinar. Lucky for you, we’re breaking down the main points that you need to know.

The question “Why is it so hard to implement 2fa” was posed and let’s just say the answer is a biggie and needed a deeper dive into the explanation. Our CEO Diego broke down this question into the 6 barriers.

Barrier #1 was all about the awareness of 2FA and how people are not aware of how easy it can be to install. Raising awareness is key and management and employees may not be aware of two-factor authentication or how it can be leveraged to resolve issues they are tackling.

The solution to this barrier is first making people aware that a data breach is way more expensive to deal with than implementing a 2FA system. Second is that each employee only has a handful of passwords used in different variations which makes it easier for a hacker to breach, and third learning what 2FA actually does and how it can protect the company.

Barrier #2 explored the possibility of unexpected changes to productivity and workflow. If 2FA is implemented to everyone right off the bat, then that creates confusion and decreases productivity. So how do you combat that?

Diego explained that the best way to overcome this is by a targeted proof of concept. Start with your operations team and identify early adopters and testers of new initiatives. Once these groups have been identified, you can perform a staged rollout based on organization structure and cyber security needs. This ensures that productivity is not harmed during the transition phase.

Barrier #3 discussed the unknown impacts to your help desk. When you’re introducing a new way of doing things to a fundamental part of the workday — logging in! — it can bring a brand new set of support calls to your helpdesk. You don’t want to negatively impact productivity on your help desk by overwhelming them with calls. So how do we stop this?

Diego suggests using a 2fa system that:

  1. Has multiple 2FA options so that employees can choose the one that works for them most.
  2. Has a simple user experience.
  3. Has a consistent user experience.

Barrier #4 covers all things company policies and systems. There is concern that a 2FA system will go against company and employee policies. You need a solution that adds an additional layer of security, not fundamentally changing existing best practices and established policies.

To solve this for organizations that have or do not have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, you need a 2fa solution that will give a way for organizations to go from managing their smartphone fleet, to pushing out apps to allowing the use of personal devices, to issuing single purpose hardware token devices.

Barrier #5 discussed the impact on legacy. A company may have certain systems that may be as old as 10 years old and need a 2FA that can still work for them.

Diego recommended several approaches to protect the company’s legacy:

  1. Network Isolation
  2. Web Access Manager
  3. Protect via protocols, like RADIUS.

Barrier #6 is simply a pricing problem. Cost is an important issue. There are different types of costs including total cost of ownership, cost of licensing, and support and employee productivity cost.

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That concludes the webinar recap. Thank you to everyone who attended and keep an eye out for our next one!

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