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Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Benefit from enterprise-grade two-factor authentication at prices your SMB can afford. No additional hardware means no overhead expenses, and no tokens means no lost tokens to replace. Not only does this cut costs – it cures administrative headaches so IT admins and managers can focus on excelling at their workplace, while leaving security up to us.

The SMB market is shifting. We're seeing a rise in remote work and BYOD (bring your own device) policies. LoginTC addresses emerging SMB needs by leveraging mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) or desktops and your current infrastructure to secure online connections. Connections that take place anywhere.

With our new graphical user interface (GUI) for easy web-based installation/configuration, LoginTC integrates with any VPN (from Cisco ASA to WatchGuard) in mere minutes. Your hard work is worth protecting.


  • Use your existing infrastructure. No additional hardware required!
  • Simple: No training necessary for users
  • Secure: Government used and trusted
  • Cost-Effective: No initial setup fee and starting at only $2.00/user per month


An enterprise as vital as your own – whether, for example: a bank, telecommunications company, public utility, healthcare provider, or educational institution – deserves two-factor protection. Especially, these days, with news of cyberattacks dominating headlines. Password-only identification is simply not enough.

The main obstacle? Scalability. Deploying hard tokens to thousands (if not more) users isn't practical. It's also costly. LoginTC leverages your existing mobile and virtualization investments to fuse flawlessly and economically with your infrastructure.

LoginTC empowers customers by giving them the flexibility to choose what works best for them. Admins can bulk upload users, sync them with LDAP/AD directories, provision self-registration or use REST API. On the comfort of their preferred device (smartphone, tablet or Google Chrome), end-users quickly embrace LoginTC's three step system – receive, decide, unlock – as second nature. Another key and unique LoginTC feature: real-time contextual information can be incorporated into authentication to augment your fraud detection and threat alert systems.

While you can't put a limit on the price of security, we offer substantial volume discounts. What are you waiting for?


  • Scalable: Simple to provision and manage millions of users
  • Secure: Government used and trusted 2FA solution
  • Cost-Effective: No initial setup fee plus volume savings
  • Contextual information integrated for real-time threat alert & fraud detection


In this information age, modern-day warfare is being waged through computers, exposing sensitive data and documents. If SMBs and enterprises are moving toward more advanced methods of multi-step access, there's no question that governments should too. However, legacy methods of 2FA currently employed – such as hard tokens and PKI certificates – are dated and expensive. They are also difficult to scale, use and manage. It's time for our nations' leaders to exemplify the future of cybersecurity via state-of-the-art authentication – complete with: premium-level security, the conditions for simple mass deployment to millions of users, exceptional user experience and contextual information for real-time threat detection and fraud alert.

Cyphercor Inc., which holds a security clearance from the Government of Canada, has designed itself to blend seamlessly with government policies and practices, including native support for English and French, the two official languages of the Government of Canada. LoginTC is already trusted by major government organizations. We are deployable for government use worldwide. The future of top-quality 2FA is LoginTC. The future is now.


  • Borderless / wireless protection: Works worldwide
  • Scalable: Easy to provision and manage millions of users
  • Less cumbersome, more cost-effective (by up to 75%) than hard tokens and PKI certificates
  • Contextual information provides real-time threat alert & fraud detection


Public Works and Government Services Canada has awarded us a Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA) with the Government of Canada, which makes federal procurement of LoginTC easy and efficient. Read more →

Cyphercor has pre-qualified to participate in the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). Aiming to "bolster innovation in Canada's business sector," BCIP enables federal departments to test some of the nation's top emerging innovations. The program pays for all costs associated with procurement and deployment. We are actively seeking a BCIP partner. If your department or agency is interested, contact BCIP and ask about LoginTC.


If you work in the American payment card industry, financial industry or health sector, then not only is two-factor authentication a good idea, it's also required by law through Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) regulations, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Whatever your trade, make sure you are compliant with industry guidelines – both to protect your business and clients from harmful security breaches and so that a potential audit passes with flying colours. Stay informed because updated rules and regulations regularly come into effect. Cover your bases. We can help.


  • Administration made easy: Centralized management
  • No PII (Personally Identifiable Information) required!
  • Exceptional customer service & speedy support help prevent vulnerabilities
  • Simple-to-use, secure and cost effective

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