QR Scan QR Scan

Want to use smartphones? Use the LoginTC app to generate passcodes with a QR code.

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Hardware Token Hardware Token

Distribute hardware tokens to your organization for easy, secure authentication on and offline.

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Get compliance-ready, phishing-resistant authentication that works even when offline.

Learn about FIDO2
Authenticator App Authenticator App

Leverage existing authenticator apps that your end-users are already familiar with.

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Passcode Grid Passcode Grid

Need physical authentication without the budget for tokens? Generate passcode grids.

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Offline Bypass Code Offline Bypass Code

Users completely locked out? Rely on auto-generated offline bypass codes as a final defense.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is offline authentication?

Offline authentication refers to the process of verifying a user’s identity without the need for an internet connection using an authentication method that can operate offline to confirm the user’s identity.

Does MFA work without the internet?

Yes, MFA works without the internet. LoginTC offers several methods for authenticating offline to Windows Logon and RDP services.

What’s the difference between online and offline authentication?

Online authentication occurs when the device in question is connected to the internet, whereas offline authentication is when an internet connection has not been established or has been lost.

Can I use a hardware token offline?

Yes, hardware tokens can be used offline. Explore hardware token authentication.

Do I have to use a smartphone for offline?

There are many ways to authenticate offline, most of which do not require a smartphone, including:

If you want to use smartphones for offline authentication, use the QR Scan method.

What happens if the user loses their phone or token?

If a user loses their phone or token, an offline bypass code can be used to grant them access. New phones or tokens can then be issued in their user details page in the LoginTC Admin Panel.

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