2FA for Remote Access and VPN

2FA for Microsoft Services

2FA for Web Access Managers

2FA for Cloud Services and Other Applications

The Benefits of Using LoginTC Managed

Zero External Dependencies

Virtual appliance and standalone deployment options

Leverage existing infrastructure (e.g. active directory)

Streamlined user and token lifecycle management

Application and Policy based controls

Offline upgrade packages

Hands on professional support

24/7 support

Two-Factor Authentication Options Supported by LoginTC Managed

Software Token*
Hardware Token*
Passcode Grid*
Email Passcode
Bypass Codes*
Security Key*
Authenticator App*

* These methods are also available for offline authentication

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LoginTC Managed deployed with a Virtual Machine (VM)?

Yes, LoginTC Managed is deployed as a virtual appliance. Both OVA and VHD formats are available.

Which applications are available with LoginTC Managed?

LoginTC Managed works with:

  • LoginTC RADIUS Connector
  • LoginTC Windows Logon and RDP Connector
  • LoginTC Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) Connector
  • LoginTC Remote Desktop Web Access Connector
  • LoginTC Outlook Web App Connector 

NOTE: Using the LoginTC RADIUS Connector with RD Gateway is not supported.

To find out if your application works with LoginTC Managed, contact us today.

Which authentication methods are available with LoginTC Managed?

The authentication methods available with LoginTC Managed are:

  • Software tokens*
  • Hardware tokens*
  • Passcode Grid*
  • Email passcode
  • FIDO2 tokens*
  • Bypass Codes
  • Offline Bypass Codes*
    *These methods also work offline.

    Can I use one token to login to every application?

    Yes, a single LoginTC authentication token can be used to login to all your connected applications and services.

    Does LoginTC Managed require an internet connection?

    No, LoginTC Managed is completely on-premises. There are no external internet connection requirements.

    Does LoginTC Managed integrate with a SIEM, syslog or centralized logging service?

    Yes. All system, administrator and user logs can be configured to be sent to a centralized syslog server.

    How can I perform a trial?

    Contact us to start a trial today.

    How is LoginTC Managed supported?

    We offer hands-on support for your setup and deployment. Our support includes online documentation, priority email, chat and 24/7/365 for critical issues.

    How much does LoginTC Managed cost?

    LoginTC Managed is competitively priced. Check out our pricing page (Managed tier). Contact us for a quote that meets your exact requirements.

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