The LoginTC platform combines several LoginTC products into an integrated, cloud-based identity and access management solution. The LoginTC platform is built to help you add additional layers of security without disturbing your existing infrastructure.

LoginTC Admin

LoginTC Admin is a cloud-based control panel for administrators. Access by clicking  Admin Login in the header. LoginTC Admin gives administrators one place to manage their LoginTC organization. An organization is where users, mobile tokens and domains (i.e. connector deployments) are viewed and managed.

Other features include:

  • Adding and bulk uploading users
  • Bulk operations on users
  • Create and manage domains for connector deployments
  • Customize mobile tokens with a pictogram and domain specific token policies
  • Inviting other administrators to manage


Security is like an onion, with multiple layers of protection. Each layer protects against potential attack vectors. Enterprise identity deployments are complex and robust. A replace everything model introduces great risk and cost while not necessarily increasing security and operations efficiency.

Connectors are light-weight modules which enable administrators to add an additional layer of security on top of their existing infrastructure. This augmentative approach means you can add a layer without sacrificing others.

The connectors suite allows enterprise administrators to leverage LoginTC in their identity and access management deployments.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps are a secure wallet for user tokens. Here the user can provision tokens, accept authentication requests and revoke tokens.

The app is free to download and available in all major app stores.