Rethink Two-Factor Authentication

Enhanced login security and a beautiful user interface in one cohesive product.

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Prevent unauthorized access

There are 20 new victims of identity theft every minute. The total cost of identity theft is estimated to be over $20 billion annually.

LoginTC gets the right users in and keeps the malicious ones out. Learn more →

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Increase security while reducing overhead

Protecting logins with traditional two-factor can be costly. A lost token or helpdesk call costs on average $50 – $100. Users are much less likely to lose their smartphone which they are checking on average once every 5 minutes!

LoginTC can save an organization between 60% – 90% when compared to hardware tokens, soft tokens or SMS OTP deployments. Learn more →

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Get compliant

Whether you want to meet PCI DSS, HIPAA or FFIEC guidelines, LoginTC helps you get compliant.

Get on top of industry best practices and legal requirements. Learn more →

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