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Cyphercor Issued Push Authentication Patent

August 21, 2023Diego Matute

A statement from Diego Matute, CEO and Founder of Cyphercor

Today I am thrilled to announce that Cyphercor has been issued the patent for creating the technology behind Push Authentication.

Issued as Patent US11706212B2 in the United States, and CA 2857106 in Canada, the patent was first filed in 2014, when we invented push authentication and launched LoginTC, our Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) solution, as a way to securely authenticate access using this new technology.

LoginTC created the first push authentication app more than ten years ago to bring seamless, easy to use, and secure multi-factor authentication to organizations across the world.

Since then, push authentication has become a popular method of second-factor authentication. A recent study estimated that 68% of all second-factor authentication is done through mobile push notification.

The process of push authentication is familiar to many today. After a security token is installed on a mobile device in the form of an application, corresponding authentication requests can be sent to that device, and the end-user in possession of the device can accept or decline the authentication request.

Below is an example of Push Authentication with Cisco ASA:

Here is an example of push authentication with Windows Logon:

This patent issuance has raised Cyphercor’s patent portfolio to three. Patent US10630669B2, which refers to a process for user verification, and US20140359069A1, which refers to a method of securely sharing a url.

Since push authentication was first created, LoginTC has been at the forefront of security enhancements to the authentication method, which have made it more secure while retaining its simplicity.

One of those improvements is push number matching.

Push number matching requires the end-user to first match the number on the request with the corresponding number on their authentication device. Here’s an example of push number matching with OWA:

LoginTC Push Number Matching 2FA MFA OWA

Below is another example of push number matching, this time with Remote Desktop Web Access:

Another way that LoginTC forwarded push notification was when we created the world’s first non-OTP two-factor authentication Chrome app. Our Chrome app allows you to use a desktop computer as your push notification device.

Here’s an example of LoginTC Desktop Push with OpenVPN:

LoginTC has also advanced the security of push authentication through the creation of geography-based policies.

Our Geo-Location and Geo-Velocity policies give improved control over how user access is enforced based on location, and distance, which helps prevent malicious actors attempting to use push-phishing tactics from places where your users are not located.

LoginTC began with push authentication, but we aren’t stopping there. We’re building a forward-looking MFA solution that’s future-proofed for years to come. We’re pioneering new ways to keep people secure, without compromising on solutions that are simple to use for end-users and administrators alike.

If you have questions about the patent issuance, push authentication, or anything related to LoginTC, please reach out to and our team would be happy to answer your questions.

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