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Google’s Warning of Hacking Group Involvement

January 05, 2017Patrick Duffin

Google is now warning prominent members of journalism and university professors that their accounts are under attack. Although the motive behind these attacks is not yet really known, hacking groups are attempting to gain access to user information and data. Cyber hacking groups are not new in the cyber security space, but are increasingly becoming more common and more dangerous online. These groups seek to gain private information from individuals and companies, or reduce the continuity of business operations.

But what can a business do to reduce the threat of security breaches and information leaks from hacking groups? It’s important to remember to be vigilant with security both internally and externally.

Internally, one of the most common ways for viruses and malware to be infected on a computer is through phishing links in emails and websites. Educating employees to be smart with what links and attachments they are opening decreases the likelihood of attacks. Knowing exactly what information is stored where on servers, and setting up user permissions can help increase privacy and decrease the likelihood of information leaks.

Externally, having the most up to date hardware and software for cyber security is important. Implementing a firewall for modems and other devices, and ensuring two-factor authentication is set up for remote access logins can help secure a network and prevent attacks. Two-Factor authentication increases an accounts identity proofing process by adding an additional layer of security with the possession of a mobile device.

Research, education, and allotted budget should be a main priority for cyber security. Being aware of what exactly can be accessed internally and remotely is the best place to start when determining how best to access company information. Regulations and certain compliance to privacy and information policies are created to help protect both the company and consumer.

Cyber security and Internet hackers are becoming more prevalent, but security measures are also becoming more common and easy to use. Providing multiple layers of protection can slow or even deter unwanted individuals and groups from gaining access to core business information.

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