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How Formula 1 Utilizes Remote Access & the Importance of Network Security

August 14, 2018Patrick Duffin and Jolene Dilny

When you think of Formula 1 car racing, you don’t instantly think of cyber security. But what about all of the information that needs to be collected and recorded to determine exactly what conditions car mechanics find favorable to race in the first place? Design IP’s and telemetry information from cars are sacred pieces of data in the car racing industry, and these vital statistics and blueprints must be kept confidential to ensure a driver and car’s competitive advantage.

What is interesting with the scenario of a Formula 1 car is that the information is gathered at the racetrack, but must then be pushed to the servers that collect it via remote access. Lost laptops and tablets in these environments mean that data can potentially be lost from point A to point B.

With the amount of competition in the car racing industry, encryption of data is becoming increasingly common when utilizing remote access. Although this is beneficial to prevent interception, lost and stolen equipment can still pose a threat to important information.

Utilizing two-factor authentication ensures that the correct individual is accessing the correct information from the secure network. With LoginTC and its ability to authenticate using a mobile phone or tablet, users are able to successfully complete two-factor authentication while on the go with little interruption to their operations.

With the emergence of mobile computing and the need for improved statistics in industries where computer technology was never thought of, more traditional industries like car racing are now utilizing remote access. Keeping information secure with encryption and multi-factor authentication can ensure important customer and company data is not intercepted or breached, especially from lost or stolen devices.

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