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How to make your employees part of the cybersecurity equation

February 11, 2022Mercedes Chircop

Cybersecurity can be confusing for employees to understand. Often employees think of something that management has to worry about, and don’t realize they play an integral role in ensuring the security of the company they work for. They might think, where do I even start? Or how does cybersecurity affect me? What can I do to keep myself safe on the internet? Being able to answer these types of questions from your employees is key to getting them on board with your company’s cybersecurity efforts.

That’s why training your employees about the importance of cybersecurity is both informative and beneficial to your company. Arming your employees with information about ransomware attacks, how to recognize phishing emails, the importance of MFA and reasons behind why it’s being implemented, and whatever other cybersecurity measure you’re considering implementing brings them on board as part of the team.

Training your employees on the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of cybersecurity measures gives them a sense of security when it comes to implementing and working with complex technical tools, such as MFA. The more knowledge they have about cybersecurity, the better they’re protected, and by extension, the better your company is protected as well.

There are plenty of ways to train yourself and your employees on cybersecurity. With the amount of resources there are today, there’s something for everyone no matter your learning style or background knowledge.

Exactly how can you educate yourself and your employees on cybersecurity tips and tools and what sort of options are there? Let’s discuss.

Online Courses

Online courses are a great way to learn something new in a short amount of time. Most online courses are fun and interactive, which can help someone learn concepts faster. They can be done in an employee’s spare time or as a scheduled part of their day. Completing an online course can make your employees feel confident in knowledge about complicated cybersecurity tools, like MFA for example.

One online course that is beneficial to companies is the CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness training course. This course trains you to identify phishing scams, covers topics such as ransomware and social engineering, has benefits such as quizzes and tests, and has detailed reporting. There are lots of these types of courses out there, that cover all the basics that you and your employees need to know to make sure you’re cybersafe.

Attending live webinars

Webinars are a tool that companies use to spread information to a large audience at once. In most cases, webinars are informative and can help with understanding new concepts. Webinars are easy to sign up for as there is normally no limit to attendees. This means that all of your employees can register individually or you can make it a team event and use it as a training session. Webinars give attendees the chance to ask any questions they may have. This is beneficial because you’re getting a real time answer from an industry expert and saving yourself from having to research for the answer later.

Here at Cyphercor, we host webinars every couple of months, to showcase the cybersecurity industry and to inform our attendees about trends, requirements, and technical know-how. We love the opportunity it gives to others who may not have as much knowledge about the industry. You can catch our next webinar on February 23rd at 2pm EST.


For those that like to read, whitepapers are always a solid source of information. Whitepapers use a combination of text and images that describe a topic more in depth. Normally, if a company hosts a webinar or seminar, they usually publish a whitepaper after the fact, which goes into more detail that they probably wouldn’t have been able to cover during the webinar due to time restraints.

Whitepapers are good resources to keep on hand and each employee can have their own copy to keep for reference. Usually they are available for download through the companies website and there’s no limit to how many you can download. You can learn about any topic you want and all you have to do is input your email address.

Social Media

Believe it or not, social media can be a great source of information. If you’re following trusted sources then the information is endless and better yet, it’s free! Social media allows you to engage in conversation which can ultimately further your knowledge on cybersecurity. We suggest following people in the cybersecurity industry as well as following hashtags related to cyber security such as: #cybersecurity #cybersafe #cyberinsurance.

However you decide to train yourself and your employees in cybersecurity, make it a part of your plan to include cybersecurity training in your workplace. You never know when you may need to use it.

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