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Introducing Our New On-Premises Solution: LoginTC Managed

November 04, 2021Mercedes Chircop

Here at Cyphercor, we’re dedicated to providing two-factor authentication solutions that are best-in-class, and intuitive to use for end-users and administrators alike. For over a decade businesses of all sizes have trusted LoginTC to protect their data, employees, and customers from cyber threats and hackers.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce a brand new product!

While LoginTC allows you to store everything in the cloud, we know many businesses want — and often need — an on-premises 2FA solution. A solution where they can store their information locally, without the use of external infrastructure.

On premises software was the original way that information was stored before cloud computing existed. The software is installed with the organization’s internal system rather than a web browser or cloud computing. On premises software was mainly invented for the purpose of a corporate-wide process automation of large entities. On premises solutions work well in B2B markets mainly because businesses usually need a more private server for its users and need something that offers ultimate data security in a corporate market.

LoginTC Managed is a fully on-premises two-factor authentication solution that adds a layer of MFA to any RADIUS speaking service. It’s an enterprise solution designed with high-security environments in mind. If insurance companies or government regulations are preventing you from acquiring a cloud-based 2FA solution to protect your data, then LoginTC Managed is the solution for you.

A wide range of authentication options are available for LoginTC Managed as well. Your users can authenticate with hardware tokens, an email one-time passcode, or a software based one-time passcode, or an emergency bypass code. It works with all LoginTC connectors, starting with the LoginTC RADIUS.

There are many benefits to using LoginTC Managed for your on-premises MFA needs.

  • Zero external dependencies.
  • You’re in full control of the solution.
  • It allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure.
  • Virtual appliance and standalone deployment options.
  • Simple administration for smooth setup and operation.

We’ll be releasing more information about LoginTC Managed over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our social pages and our website to stay in the loop! Contact us for further information!

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