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NIST No Longer Accepts SMS as a Two-Factor Authentication Method

November 30, 2016Patrick Duffin

Mobile Technology & Internet Security

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is starting to dominate the corporate setting, with more companies and employees opting to use personal smartphones and tablets in their work setting. Two-factor authentication is now becoming the standard when accessing information-sensitive data such as customer payment data and sensitive information. Traditional methods of using a multi factor authentication solution included VPN tokens and one-time passwords that were commonly sent via mobile text/SMS.

The Problem

However, with better technology and the realization that often times, phone numbers and text messages can now be intercepted, The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is no longer recommending SMS for two-factor authentication.

Note: Out-of-band authentication using the PSTN (SMS or voice) is deprecated, and is being considered for removal in future editions of this guideline.

The Solution

So what can you do, as an organization, to ensure proper multi-factor security while still utilizing current employee systems? LoginTC offers two-factor authentication that uses existing employee smartphones to deliver a seamless two-factor authentication method that does NOT utilize SMS. The LoginTC solution allows for quick set up with a mobile application, push notifications directly to a user’s device, and provides safety and security by ensuring that only authorized devices and users can securely log in.

LoginTC offers a simple mobile application, the most secure technology, and an easy to use administrative dashboard, finally allowing for a next generation two-factor authentication experience.

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