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The Hard Truth About Cyber Security

September 12, 2018Patrick Duffin and Jolene Dilny

A blog post by Krebs on Security, outlines some of the inevitabilities of the Internet, and the raw truths about data breaches. Krebs summarizes a number of realities that anyone that connects to the Internet faces, ever.

Krebs says:

 If you connect it to the Internet, someone will try to hack it.

If what you put on the Internet has value, someone will invest time and effort to steal it.

Even if what is stolen does not have immediate value to the thief, he can easily find buyers for it.

The price he secures for it will almost certainly be a tiny slice of its true worth to the victim.

Organizations and individuals unwilling to spend a small fraction of what those assets are worth to secure them against cybercrooks can expect to eventually be relieved of said assets.

If this causes you to feel uneasy, it should. Everyday there are more news headlines about security breaches, even reaching some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies in the world. Accepting the fact that information security is extremely important is the first step in safeguarding your systems as best you can to effectively prevent or manage an information breach.

Education and knowing how information can be exploited is the first step, and then making employees aware of these protocols is key to making sure your systems are secure. Ensuring that there are safeguards in place before getting into a system, and proper file management within a system are key to either completely eliminate the possibility of a data breach, or effectively mitigate the damage of a data breach.

LoginTC is one of the best tools to safeguard the entryway to any online account information or company VPN. Adding a second layer of security as a first defense, users must have a second device, and can also be required to input a PIN code, before even getting on to a company VPN or Internet account. This can effectively prevent cyber security attacks, and ensure the proper individual is accessing the right system.

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