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Two-Factor Authentication Worldwide using LoginTC

April 02, 2014Hernan Matute

How to enable Two Factor Authentication for your national and international operations

Employees and customers are becoming borderless. The number of people working outside the traditional office is rapidly increasing and perhaps it constitutes in many cases the majority of workers for many businesses. Cloud and online service providers have witnessed their users roaming their internet services from all over the world. This increased level of local, national and international connectivity come with greater risks due to low security access control to online services.

In parallel to that trend, millions of employees and online users now use smartphones not only for telephone and email, but also to access business and corporate apps – making the traditional network a mobile and wireless marketplace.

Traditionally, network and security administrators have provided secure remote access to roaming employees using hard tokens or digital certificates and installing VPN client applications or PKI files into their desktops or laptop computers. LoginTC has transformed the secure remote access experience by leveraging a corporate and personal asset: the mobile device.

LoginTC for National and International Operations

LoginTC for National and International Operations

Borderless Access Control

The real-time access control to corporate networks or business applications of LoginTC can easily be deployed to roaming employees or customers wherever and however they access the Internet with their VPN client or web browser. Security and an elevated level of trust to access sensitive information is achieved, allowing roaming users to enjoy a secure and stress-free user experience.

Access can also be granted even when mobile devices are accessing business applications through the internet – web mobile or corporate apps running on the roaming user’s smartphone or tablet are integrated with LoginTC two-factor authentication to grant access to those whom the LoginTC administrator has designated appropriate privileges.

With LoginTC, network and mobile security is transparent to the end-user – LoginTC traffic initiates in the mobile networks worldwide, ensuring that roaming users always have secure access and optimized performance no matter where they happen to be.

LoginTC leverages 3G/4G and Wi-Fi Networks

LoginTC leverages 3G/4G and Wi-Fi Networks

The Benefits of LoginTC

LoginTC Cloud delivers its services all over the world, offering granular two-factor authentication with administrator enhanced instructions to roaming users, preventing phishing and keylogging attacks, which in turn limits the potential for unauthorized access to corporate or personal online assets.

LoginTC enhances scalability, and reduces the administration overhead of managing and maintaining hard tokens or certificates.

In summary, LoginTC delivers a powerful solution that:

  • Prevents unauthorized access
  • Increases security
  • Reduces overhead
  • Meets your compliance requirements
  • Leverages your IT investments
  • and most importantly: it works worldwide !

Access Your Portal with LoginTC Two-Factor Authentication from Anywhere

Access Your Portal with LoginTC Two-Factor Authentication from Anywhere


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