Blazer Electric Supply had been considering beefing up its cybersecurity protocols for a while when its cyber insurer strongly encouraged them to improve their MFA protocols. 

Blazer Electric Supply needed a strong, flexible MFA solution that was easy to deploy when they found LoginTC.

Cybersecurity Concerns

Jim Hair, the Network Administrator at Blazer Electric Supply Co., had been concerned about cybersecurity for a while. 

After some high-profile ransomware attacks on large companies like Solar Winds, he knew that it was only a matter of time before cybercriminals would try to breach his network, and as a small IT team, he wanted to do everything he could to prevent that from happening. 

When Jim switched his cyber insurance provider, Jim’s search for a Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) provider got kicked into high gear.

The Challenge

Blazer Electric’s unique network infrastructure configuration required an MFA solution with a lot of flexibility. His Cisco Firepower firewall only had a few options for MFA configuration. Jim reviewed a few providers, some of which didn’t return his questions and seemed far too complicated to set up than what he would be able to manage day-to-day. 

“What people need to understand is when something is hard to set up, if that thing breaks, it’s also going to be hard to fix again,” said Jim when we asked him about the need for ease of deployment in his security solution. “I need something that’s not going to hang me up and slow me down, I need something that is going to work quickly and easily.”

That’s when Jim found LoginTC.

The Solution

“When I reached out to you guys, I got a response right away, and I got my questions answered quickly,” Jim continues. “I can’t emphasize enough how important it was to be able to talk to someone knowledgeable about the product, and helped me understand the product a lot better.”

Jim liked the variety of authentication options provided, especially the LoginTC app which allowed for simple push notification authentication. “It’s super easy to use,” says Jim, “I would definitely recommend LoginTC to another company in my position.”

Strong Cybersecurity Protection Backed by Insurance Companies

You can protect your company from cyber threats with secure and simple to deploy MFA from LoginTC. If you need help with deployment, our implementation team is always on hand to walk you through set-up, and you can rely on our comprehensive documentation pages and video walkthroughs for additional information. 

We’ve also partnered with cyber insurers who understand that a preventative approach to cyber insurance is how all of us can work together to prevent cyber attacks from happening in the first place, and reduce the harm to small businesses if they do happen. 

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