LoginTC MFA stopped a hack dead in its tracks, saved a Connecticut law firm millions of dollars, and protected the private data of thirty thousand individuals.

Cybersecurity Enhanced with LoginTC

In September of 2022, Lange Information Systems, a Connecticut-based Managed Service Provider (MSP), recommended to one of their clients that they should start using multi-factor authentication (MFA). Taking the advice of their trusted MSP, they agreed, and LoginTC MFA was implemented shortly after.

The enhanced cybersecurity measures couldn’t have come at a better time. Just three months later, the law firm suffered a phishing attack.

An Attempted Attack 

The hacker impersonated one of the law firm’s partners and successfully convinced a high-ranking executive to click on a link in a phishing email and input their email address and password. 

“Without LoginTC’s MFA, the hacker would’ve had access to the personal information of almost thirty-thousand clients,” Kurt Lange, the head of Lange IS explained. “Name, addresses, social insurance numbers, and more could’ve been held for ransom or sold to the highest bidder on the dark web.”

MFA Saves the Day

Instead, the hacker couldn’t access the law firm’s Remote Desktop protocols.

“All we had to do was change the user’s password,” says Kurt. “I can’t stress how much it saved me and my client.”

In the state of Connecticut, organizations that suffer a data breach must report it to the Office of the Attorney General and are required to provide credit monitoring services to everyone affected. It would have cost the law firm over $7.2 Million USD just to cover the credit monitoring costs. Adding in the cost of getting systems back online, business interruption, ransomware payments, insurance premium increases, and more, the law firm would’ve faced losses of over $10 Million USD. 

Protect Your Business from Attacks

It’s no longer enough to rely on just passwords. MFA is a must-have cybersecurity tool for any organization in any industry. 

At LoginTC, our implementation experts can assess your digital infrastructure and get you set up with MFA in as little as one hour. With a range of deployment, connector, and authentication options, our MFA solution can work with your organization’s unique needs.

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