Methodist University’s community is made up of over 2,400 students from 42 states and 55 countries.

They needed a secure remote access solution that would provide easy, usable security for their varied group of users.

The Challenge

Methodist University (MU) is a public university located in Fayetteville, in North Carolina. MU is a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, and administrators who live, study and work together. The university offers over 80 undergraduate programs, six graduate programs and countless other opportunities for on and off campus involvement.

It is a place like no other – with over 2,400 students from 42 states and 55 countries, cultivating global diversity and encompassing a variety of perspectives.

Methodist University believed that their security solution should be deployed across every population at the university – students, faculty and staff in order to ensure that their most sensitive data is protected and covered by two-factor authentication.

We spoke with Thomas Marthers, Network Manager of Methodist University about how LoginTC’s Solution is being used by the university and why he feels that LoginTC is the best solution for them.

The Solution

Thomas Marthers knew that when he was researching ways to improve the University’s security posture, he was looking for two-factor authentication for their secure remote access VPN. Formerly, if an attacker used phishing or malware to gain access to an administrator’s credentials, then they had the keys to a considerable amount of sensitive data belonging to the University. However, now, the second layer of security that two-factor authentication provides strengthened their protection. Marthers expressed, “We can now have double security when people VPN into our campus using LoginTC.”

Servicing such a wide variety of people, it is important more now than ever as Methodist University continues to grow that they are able to authenticate the identities of those accessing their campus systems in order to prevent security breaches.

Less Administrator Hassle, Happy End-Users

Users appreciate how cost-efficient and easy LoginTC is to use, according to Marthers. “Deployment is easy with LoginTC. Their solution is cost-efficient for our needs and our users at Methodist University,” he said.

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