Optonic needed an on-premises MFA solution to meet their security needs. LoginTC’s hands-on support was there to support them.

The Challenge

When Optonic, a German manufacturing company, wanted to secure its endpoints, they knew adding Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) was a must-have.

With several different applications to secure — including a VPN and Outlook Web Access — and all of their assets hosted on their premises, they knew it might not be an easy deployment.


The Solution

Dietmar Berger, the IT systems administrator at Optonic, was concerned about attackers brute-forcing passwords and started to evaluate a number of MFA solutions.

“We were interested in a few solutions and tried them out, including some cloud solutions, but didn’t hear from anyone,” said Dietmar when we asked about his experience. “Duo never called me back or responded to me.”

That’s when Optonic found LoginTC.

“LoginTC’s customer support team did a great job of providing help configuring the on-premises solution,” Dietmar continued. “With their help, it was easy to set up. I like our continuing conversations about the product and the feedback and advice I get from LoginTC.”


On-premises technology, same ease of deployment

Optonic uses LoginTC’s on-premises solution, LoginTC Managed. LoginTC Managed was designed for businesses that do not want, or cannot have, another cloud dependency for their critical infrastructure. It can be deployed quickly and easily just like LoginTC’s cloud solution. Administrators can still choose from several online and offline authentication options for their users, and manage it all seamlessly in the User Enrollment and Administrator portals.

To meet compliance requirements, such as GDPR’s cloud computing regulations, on-premises technology offers a way for high-security businesses to take control of their security operations.

Dietmar says, “of course I would recommend LoginTC,” to other organizations also looking for a simple on-premises MFA solution.

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