Remco needed a simple, comprehensive MFA solution and found LoginTC, who provided customer support above and beyond all expectations.

The Challenge

When Remco wanted to increase their security operations, they knew that adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) was a key step in that process. They needed a simple solution that would protect all their applications and services and was well supported.

In their MFA search, they found LoginTC.

“From the very first interaction, the LoginTC team exhibited unparalleled technical expertise and a genuine eagerness to assist,” says IT Services Manager of Remco, Shailinder Sharma.

The Solution

Remco first installed the LoginTC RADIUS Connector to protect their employees and external contractors logins on their Cisco VPN. Eventually, Remco rolled out LoginTC to protect everything from OWA to Windows Logon.

The best part of the deployment process was the support Remco received from LoginTC.

“The LoginTC team possessed an in-depth understanding of the product and demonstrated remarkable patience and clarity in explaining every aspect of its functionality,” says Sharma. “Their guidance was invaluable in seamlessly integrating LoginTC RADIUS MFA into our existing systems.”

As for why Remco chose LoginTC over another MFA solution, Sharma says that “what truly sets LoginTC apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and to ensuring that our MFA deployment not only met but exceeded our expectations.”

Well supported MFA that stands a step above

If your organization is looking for a simple, comprehensive and well-supported MFA solution, then look no further than LoginTC.

“Thanks to LoginTC’s outstanding support, our organization now enjoys enhanced security and peace of mind,” says Sharma. “The seamless integration of LoginTC RADIUS MFA has bolstered our defenses against potential threats, all while ensuring a smooth user experience.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend LoginTC to anyone seeking top-notch MFA solutions with exceptional support.”

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