Trident Systems helps support military and intelligence communities through providing them access to the most innovative technology solutions.

Required two-factor authentication (2FA) to meet compliance standards.

Required 2FA for secure, remote access for their Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The Challenge

Trident Systems is a veteran-owned business founded in 1985, whose goal was to deliver innovative and affordable technology solutions for mission critical government and commercial needs.

Today, Trident still has a strong commitment to provide military and intelligence communities with access to the most innovative, and leading-edge technology solutions, as well as a wide variety of commercial and international customers. Furthermore, Trident’s track record of delivering economical and innovative technology services and products has led them to working on projects from cyberspace to outer space.

Inevitably, working with teams around the globe that protect countries and whole continents means that they certainly can not leave their security to chance. Furthermore, often needing to comply with security standards, like the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and/or other compliance standards that are in place for national security, Trident began their search for the right two-factor authentication solution.

Trident required secure, remote access for their Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that employees could access Trident Systems network outside of the office, on the job and ensure proper identity authentication before accessing important files of information.

The Solution

Trident Systems required a two-factor authentication solution that could provide remote access for their Virtual Private Network, which is exactly what made the LoginTC solution their premier choice.

Pavel Santos, the Senior Director of Information Technology at Trident was the lead on this project. He was impressed by LoginTC’s RADIUS Connector which is a complete two-factor authentication virtual machine appliance packaged to run within their network.

The LoginTC RADIUS Connector added security to their virtual private network (VPN) through two-factor authentication. No longer reliant solely on their first line of defense, their VPN is now protected with two-factor authentication, elevating their security posture and ensuring remote workers can access their data safely and seamlessly.

Through running LoginTC’s RADIUS Connector  coupled with their CheckPoint VPN, Trident was able to increase the company’s effectiveness towards preventing cybersecurity attacks and breaches by helping to ensure that the proper individual is accessing the right system.

As a company who helps support military and intelligence operations, having the right solution that will not disrupt business operations is paramount, especially because you never know the breadth of the work that they are supporting at any given moment.

Would You Recommend LoginTC?

“Absolutely. The LoginTC solution is stable, never goes down and always works,” Santos, Sr. Director, Information Technology.

If your company, like Trident Systems, needs to stable and secure two-factor authentication that will secure your Virtual Private Network (VPN); look no further than LoginTC.

Consider LoginTC’s solution with your RADIUS Appliances to add multi-factor authentication to your remote access deployment, like Trident did ensuring your organization is kept secure. Want to understand more? Follow the link to our documentation  for further explanation.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a two-factor authentication solution that needs to meet compliance requirements, the LoginTC solution can help. Read more on the role of the role of two-factor authentication in regulatory compliance and industry guidelines  here.

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