VELT Partners, recently known as M Square Global, needed to guarantee their employees and business providers secure access to their corporate network while abroad.

Needed a two factor authentication solution that would integrate seamlessly with their already existing infrastructure.

The Challenge

VELT Partners is an international investment firm based in São Paulo, Brasil. Their team is predominantly made up of investment professionals, instead of bankers, whom seek and monitor the best investment opportunities for their clients. As an investment firm, VELT requires in depth data about their clients’ and has access to ongoing sensitive information about each of their portfolios. As such, their firm is always on the lookout for the best ways to secure their client’s data.

Due to the international nature of VELT, their team travels more than 40 times per year requiring secure virtual private network (VPN) access for their employees and business providers to have external access to their network while doing business abroad. They, also, required solutions that were compatible with their WatchGuard firewall, which acts as their first line of defense against Internet security threats and regulating data to the Internet.

The Solution

As a proactive company, they explored a variety of different avenues to mature their security plan, however, remaining unsatisfied with other products, they continued to search for a stronger solution.

“We tried DUO before landing on LoginTC, however, we were not satisfied with their product. Your tool, especially the RADIUS Server, is more robust in our opinion,” said Rodrigo Fusco, Network Administrator of VELT Partners.

VELT was impressed by LoginTC’s RADIUS Connector which is a complete two-factor authentication virtual machine appliance packaged to run within an organizations secure network. The LoginTC RADIUS Connector added security to their virtual private network (VPN) through two-factor authentication. No longer reliant solely on passwords, VELT’s VPN is now protected with two-factor authentication, elevating their security posture and ensuring remote workers can access their data safely and seamlessly.

“LoginTC’s software is really well implemented,” affirmed Fusco.

Easy to Deploy, Guaranteed Seamless Integration

At Cyphercor, administrators are users too and our solution is designed with them in mind, in order to make deployment as fast and effective as possible without disrupting business operations.

We pride our RADIUS Connector  on seamlessly being able to fit and adapt with existing infrastructure, requiring no additional hardware making LoginTC the premier choice for VELT Partners.

If your company, like VELT Partners, has employees that work remotely and you need to secure your Virtual Private Network (VPN) so they can access your corporate network away from the office; look no further than LoginTC. Consider LoginTC’s solution with your RADIUS Appliances to add multi-factor authentication to your remote access deployment, like VELTl did and ensure your organization is kept secure. Want to understand more? Follow the link to our documentation  for further explanation.

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