Working predominantly with healthcare organizations, XSUNT knew that they needed to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), so, they started researching the best two-factor authentication solution to protect their customers most sensitive data.

Needed easy installation, a secure solution and good documentation.

The Challenge

XSUNT is a technology and services company, predominantly servicing healthcare organizations, helping to build platforms that will integrate their customers data into customizable dashboards and visualizations – making it reachable, readable and easier for decision makers to interpret. As a company that has access to and is regularly handling, unarguably, some of the worlds most sensitive sets of data acquired by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and the like, it is no surprise that XSUNT wanted to implement two-factor authentication to keep their clients data secure.

Working without an advanced security program, XSUNT’s reach would be significantly limited within the market they work with, by cause of two-factor authentication becoming a compulsory component of compliance when working within the healthcare software industry.

The Solution

XSUNT, required a security solution that would smoothly integrate within existing systems and infrastructure, that was easy to use and ready to be implemented right away.

Responsive, Positive Customer Experience

“LoginTC’s solution had good documentation, easily accessible on their website and their setup was pretty straightforward. A big role was the support from their team,” said, Alex Zubarev, Network Administrator of XSUNT.

XSUNT was impressed not only by the level of support from the Cyphercor team, but, also that “it works as advertised,” said, Zubarev. Having researched many other solutions in the industry, LoginTC’s personal no-hassle policy meant that unlike many of the major competitors such as, RSA and others, there are no hidden fees attached to the initial setup and no additional hardware required to get their company’s data protected.

Fulfilling Two-Factor Authentication Requirements

Ensuring XSUNT is able to meet all of the compliance components required to work for healthcare organizations. If you are, like XSUNT, providing a service to a sensitive market such as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, it is likely that you are required under law to comply with industry guidelines or instructed to adopt best practices. The LoginTC Solution is your one-stop security shop. Here, at Cyphercor, we pride ourselves on creating administrator and user-centric solutions that consider the needs of small companies, like XSUNT. The LoginTC solution  makes setup and deployment as easy as 1-2-3 for administrators so that our customers can get on with their business needs and leave their security up to us. Interested in learning how two-factor authentication can reduce your risk of a security breach, learn how LoginTC can help here .

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