LoginTC RADIUS Connector for Hyper-V


Before proceeding, please ensure you have the following:

  1. Open the Hyper-V ManagerHyper-V Manager
  2. Click on the Action → New → Virtual Machine… menu optionNew Hyper-V VM
  3. Press NextNew Hyper-V VM Step 1
  4. Type LoginTC RADIUS Connector for the NameNew Hyper-V VM Step 2
  5. Select Generation 1New Hyper-V VM Step 3
  6. Assign 1024 MB for Startup memoryNew Hyper-V VM Step 4
  7. Select a network connectionNew Hyper-V VM Step 5
  8. Select Use an existing virtual hard disk and browse to the downloaded VHD fileNew Hyper-V VM Step 6
  9. Review your VM settings and press FinishNew Hyper-V VM Step 7

Static MAC Address

MAC Address must be set to Static

In order to avoid re-assignment of MAC Addresses to the appliance while running in Hyper-V, ensure that the MAC Address is set to Static.

Step by step:

  1. First determine a MAC Address which will not conflict with other MAC Addresses Hyper-V may use. Under the Hyper-V Virtual Switch Manger check Global Network Settings. There will be a MAC Address Range. Pick a static MAC Address which does not fall within this range and will not conflict with any other virtual appliances now or in the future.
  2. Power off the Connector virtual appliance.
  3. Under the appliance Hyper V Settings > Network Adapter > Advanced Features. Set the MAC Address to Static and ensure it equals the address you’ve selected in Step 1. Click Apply and OK and Start the Connector virtual appliance.
  1. Right click on the LoginTC RADIUS Connector appliance and press the Start menu option to start the applianceConnect to Hyper-V VM
  2. Right click on the LoginTC RADIUS Connector appliance and press the Connect… menu optionConnect to Hyper-V VM
  3. You may now proceed with configuring the LoginTC RADIUS Connector

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