Discover how LoginTC protects your IT assets in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for a LoginTC Admin account to get started. As a LoginTC Administrator you can manage your entire two-factor authentication system from your desktop computer for all users and protected end-points across all office locations. It’s a secure and integrated solution, all managed through the cloud.

You have complete control. The LoginTC Admin Panel uses a familiar, user-friendly Web interface: check boxes, dropdown menus, bulk uploads, fill-in text fields. For more information read the Admin Panel Guide.

Step 2: Connect Your Existing Infrastructure

LoginTC integrates your IT end-points: VPNs, Citrix, Web Access Managers, CMS, and Web applications without onsite hardware requirements. LoginTC connectors are virtualized software applications or plugins that install directly on your virtual hosts or web systems, significantly reducing hidden costs of maintenance, specialized technical support or outside vendors.

Web Access Managers

Other Applications

Online guides to plan and install LoginTC connectors for your VPN or Web platforms. Learn more →

Step 3: Deploy to Users

Using the LoginTC mobile app or LoginTC Chrome app your end-users securely access your LoginTC-protected systems with a second factor credential. No more hardware tokens, OTP or SMS codes re-typing on login forms, grid cards or expensive PKI certificate management.

The on-boarding experience can be implemented in multiple ways: manually, self-registration, synchronized with Active Directory or LDAP user stores, or programmatically with the LoginTC REST API.

To make an easier transition, the LoginTC “passthrough” feature can help you determine which users will be challenged with LoginTC, allowing you to control how LoginTC will be phased in your organization.


Deploying to your users is easy. Your users can enroll themselves within minutes.

User Management

Learn how to manage your LoginTC users.

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Step 4: Authenticate

With your infrastructure connected, your end users can authenticate and access LoginTC-protected resources from anywhere and at any time!

During a LoginTC-enabled session, the LoginTC app can provide every user in your organization with contextual information in each notification. As the LoginTC Administrator you can upload and display your organization or company logo, enable the display of the IP address of the originating request, show static attributes, or programmatically integrate and display dynamic information to inform your end users of threats or potential phishing attacks.

With a seamless and secure user experience, employees, customers, partners or contractors enjoy the benefit of a secure online session.


1. Receive

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Receive a notification on your device or desktop. The notification will wake your device if it’s asleep or in standby mode.

2. Decide

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After opening the notification, view details about the authentication request to help decide if it’s legitimate or not.

3. Unlock

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Enter the PIN or passcode that was chosen when the token was first loaded in the LoginTC app.

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