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Three Metrics


The MFA Gap calculator evaluates your network infrastructure and MFA implementation based on three key metrics that give you a comprehensive understanding of where gaps and risks exist in your company.

Attack Surface

Our calculator first measures your level of exposure to malicious attackers.

Implementation Scope

Then the calculator evaluates your level of MFA implementation.

MFA Type

Finally, the calculator analyzes the type of MFA used to ensure maximum protection.

Six Categories


Dive deep into six different areas of your digital infrastructure. The MFA Gap Calculator filters out questions that don’t pertain to your network, so you only answer the questions that are meaningful to you.

Remote Access to Company Network

Ensure that your VPNs and firewalls are locked down with strong, fully deployed MFA.

Remote Access to Company Devices

Find out if your Remote Desktop services like RD Gateway and RD Web Access are protected.

Remote Access to Email

Get insights on how to protect your remotely accessible email servers from unauthorized access.

Remote Access to Web Services

Identify and lock down all company web-based services with comprehensive MFA.

Privileged Access Management

Evaluate your PAM services or privileged access credential management protocols.

Local Access to Company Devices

Stop all gaps by fully protecting your local devices on your company servers.

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