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Introducing: The MFA Gap Calculator

April 12, 2023Victoria Savage

The MFA Gap Calculator is a new cyber risk assessment tool from LoginTC. It was designed to help IT Administrators determine the level of MFA protection across their organization.

We designed the MFA Gap Calculator to be the most user-friendly MFA questionnaire in the industry.

With simply-worded questions, built-in examples, and logical calculations that ensure you only have to answer relevant questions, the MFA Gap Calculator is a cyber risk assessment you’ll enjoy submitting.

Assess your MFA implementation

The goal of the MFA Gap Calculator is to determine whether the MFA implementation at your organization is both comprehensive and strong.

To do that, the tool guides users through a responsive survey in less than ten minutes, which uses LoginTC’s unique scoring algorithm to determine your organization’s MFA Implementation Scope and Authentication Type.

The MFA Gap Calculator evaluates your company’s MFA coverage along six different digital infrastructure categories:

  • Remote Access to Networks
  • Remote Access to Devices
  • Remote Access to Email
  • Remote Access to Web services
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Local Access to Devices

At the end of the survey, you receive an automatic PDF report right to your inbox that contains your score, information about MFA requirements, and clear next steps to remedy any MFA gaps uncovered.

Use cases

The MFA Gap Calculator can be used directly by IT administrators, CTOs, CISOs, or related IT professionals to evaluate their organization’s MFA implementation.

It has also been rolled out with a selection of our cyber insurance partners. Insurance underwriters and brokers at carriers, MGAs, and insurance brokerages can work in conjunction with their clients to assess MFA implementation together.

We’ve partnered with SecurityScorecard — the global leader in cybersecurity ratings — to ensure your MFA Gap Report can be uploaded to their Evidence Locker, where it can be viewed as part of your cyber insurance application. This can dramatically reduce time spent answering follow-up questions from cyber insurance underwriters and brokers.


To build the MFA Gap Calculator, our team evaluated dozens of insurance applications, MFA attestations, ransomware questionnaires, and more to ensure we created a tool that not just met but exceeded the most commonly-asked questions about MFA implementation.

Your answers are fed through the LoginTC scoring algorithm that we developed using our cybersecurity expertise and knowledge and is backed by 12+ years of experience serving thousands of users and millions of authentications every month.

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