ABC Group is one of largest automotive component and system solutions provider since 1974.

Cerberus Capital Management acquired ABC Group in July 2016 and implemented a two-factor authentication solution policy.

ABC Group needed two-factor authentication for remote access for their Virtual Private Network (VPN).


ABC Group has been a privately owned Canadian company since 1974, whose goal it has been to be the world leading automotive components and system solutions provider for their global customers by providing best-in-class products and services that are firmly planted in cutting-edge innovation.

ABC Group has several partnerships with certified global suppliers, adheres to strong ethical standards and has a strong commitment to diversity throughout the company’s value chain.

In a sector, such as the automotive industry, where Intellectual Property (IP) is of such colossal value and is increasingly targeted by competitors, ensuring access to your most valuable design, manufacturing and business data remains restricted to only those who need it and is subjected to the same levels of security is of utmost importance. This is why deploying a secure, second-factor authentication method that is simple to deploy was paramount to ABC Group.

In June 2016, Cerberus Capital Management, a notable investment firm based in New York City, acquired ABC Group. One of the challenges that the Information Technology team at ABC Group had immediately after being acquired was that Cerberus Capital enforced a second-factor authentication policy.

The Solution

Almost immediately after being acquired, former Network Systems Administrator, Erion Zela, set out to find the most efficient two-factor authentication solution for ABC Group.

Unsatisfied with Duo Security’s features and price, Zela continued his search when someone suggested evaluating the LoginTC solution against the criteria they were looking at.

Exceptional Customer Support, Ease of Deployment

Not long into researching the LoginTC product, Zela and his team were convinced that LoginTC had the solution that they were looking for. Not only did LoginTC offer exceptional customer support with any inquiry that came up as the company learned to comply with Cerberus’ new policy, they also had all of the features that they were looking for at a competitive price.

Zela said, “LoginTC had all the features that we wanted to be in our environment.” Zela liked LoginTC’s user synchronization feature and that LoginTC has the ability to keep their Active Directory user repository in sync with little user administration overhead.

Authentication Made Easy, Fulfilling 2FA Requirements

ABC Group used the LoginTC Solution  for remote access for a Cisco ASA VPN. Using the LoginTC RADIUS Connector, ABC Group was able to secure, trusted and remote two-factor authentication for their system. This meant that ABC Group could ensure that they were protecting their most valuable and trusted business data.

If you’re looking for a two-factor authentication solution is able to meet compliance requirements, LoginTC solution can help. Read more on the role of the role of two-factor authentication in regulatory compliance and industry guidelines  here. If you’re company, like ABC Group is in need of a robust connector for your virtual appliance, look no further than LoginTC .

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