Microsoft Entra ID External Authentication Methods (EAM)

Secure access to Microsoft Microsoft online services with LoginTC two-factor authentication (2FA) as your External Authentication Method provider. Easy for end-users to enroll and log into Office 365 and Microsoft online applications. Two-factor authentication helps prevent account takeovers.

Multiple authentication methods like Push-based authentication, Software One-Time Passwords (OTP), Hardware Tokens, Bypass Codes and Email One-Time Passwords ensure end-users can always login securely.

Enable LoginTC with Entra ID EAM to add comprehensive multi-factor authentication (MFA) to your Microsoft services and keep your organization secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Entra ID External Authentication Methods (EAM)?

Entra ID EAM allow administrators to use your preferred multifactor authentication (MFA) solution with Entra ID. This means you can use one authentication token for your Office 365 and Microsoft online services, as well as third-party VPNs, firewalls, and more.

Can a user use one token to login to every application?

Yes, a single LoginTC authentication token can be used to login to all your connected applications and services.

What authentication methods can I use to login?

You can use any of our LoginTC authentication methods, including:
Software OTP
Hardware OTP
Push Authentication
Desktop Authentication
SMS Passcode
Email Passcode
Phone Call
FIDO2 Token
Passcode Grid
QR Scan
Push Number Matching
Bypass Code
Contact us to discuss which authentication method might work best for your organization.

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