Arrowhead Promotion and Fulfillment is a globally recognized marketing organization, that has been devoted for decades in helping their customers increase brand awareness, loyalty, and driving customer retention rates through a variety of marketing engagements.

Arrowhead has worked with globally recognized brands such as; Campbell’s Soup, Nabisco’s OREO and Costco.

Arrowhead needed a second-factor authentication method that was easy to deploy across their organization and would work well with their already existing infrastructure.

The Challenge

Arrowhead Promotion & Fulfillment was established in 1983, and has been helping clients engage customers to build stronger brands, increase customer retention rates, create brand loyalty and increase customer sales – quickly, cost-effectively and reliably.

Each service that Arrowhead provides is quite varied and serves a distinct purpose. However, they all share a fully integrated database which reflects the company’s investment in technology. Arrowhead has a strong commitment to adapting and evolving to meet their clients needs, including incorporating the latest digital tools into their daily work to help build a better relationship between their clients’ brands and customers.

Some of the challenges that Arrowhead faced when evaluating a second-factor authentication solution was their need to have it adapt seamlessly into already existing infrastructure without needing to do extra manual labour to accomplish their tasks. With so many projects happening at the same time, with their outcome being critical to the success of their clients customers and money, there wasn’t any time to waste in implementing a second-factor solution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With the trust that’s placed in Arrowhead by their clients and the organization’s commitment to reliability, it was really important to Arrowhead that they are operating in the most secure environment. If they were to have a breach and violate the trust of their clients, it would be devastating and embarrassing to a company who has been a leading marketing and branding organization for decades. However, with the advanced strategies and methods of hackers today, Arrowhead knew that “everything is heading towards two-factor authentication for the most security,” explained Greg Baumann of Arrowhead, “making the LoginTC solution a good fit for our organization.”

The Solution

Arrowhead had been using Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) to manage permissions and access to networking resources that run on their Windows server, which acted as their first-factor authentication. Their main concern was that deployment of the application would be cumbersome for administrators and that the user account and passwords would not run smoothly with AD, which is their first-factor authentication solution.

Authentication Made Easy, Reducing Administrator Support Overhead

However, the organization was convinced by the ease of LoginTC’s Plug and Play Virtual Appliance . Throughout their pilot, they were able to see how easy LoginTC’s solution was to set up. Happy with the fact that it integrated well with their Firewall, LoginTC’s Plug and Play Virtual machine is designed to be deployed within any virtual infrastructure sitting in between their VPN and their Active Directory (which is their source of first-factor authentication).

LoginTC’s solution was designed with administrators in mind, to make their job easier rather than adding more things to their “to-do” list. To learn more about how the LoginTC solution works, visit LoginTC’s webpage here .

In a recent conversation with Greg Baumann regarding the most significant improvements that the LoginTC two-factor authentication solution had on their systems, it was that The LoginTC solution was “easy to deploy and set up. We didn’t have to change user account passwords manually, the users can change them” making Baumann’s job so much easier.

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