When BSI, a Menke Company, needed one comprehensive MFA solution for all their services, they found LoginTC.

The Challenge

When BSI, a Menke Company, was facing two security challenges simultaneously — one for their clients, and one internally — their IT Administrator, Joseph, knew that he’d have to find a solution that worked well for both use cases.

“We have a lot of employees working from home now, and we wanted every company-issued equipment authenticated with MFA,” says Joseph.

The challenge was to find a solution robust and flexible enough to tackle BSI’s security needs.


The Solution

First, Joseph explored Microsoft, but the licensing model didn’t work well with their clients’ Citrix applications, and major upgrades would be needed to make the solution work.

Then Joseph tried Duo, but the configuration was complicated and difficult to set up, and in the end he couldn’t get it to work.

That’s when Joseph found LoginTC.

“It was easy to configure, easy to integrate with Citrix, and also easy to configure with Windows Logon, so we went with LoginTC,” explains Joseph. “It makes sense, just for ease of use of everything.”

Joseph also preferred LoginTC’s method of offline authentication.

“With Duo, every time you scan the QR code offline, it registers another profile, while with LoginTC, you just have to scan the QR code and it will give you a code for offline login, without any additional registration.”

In addition to superior product features, Joseph also appreciated LoginTC’s level of support. “I’m really grateful to the LoginTC team for replying really quickly and helping me get this set up fast.”


Satisfy a breadth of use cases with LoginTC

For other companies in his position, Joseph says he would recommend LoginTC.

“LoginTC lets me have one provider for all of my MFA needs, and I don’t need to install anything extra.”

If you need a well-supported, comprehensive MFA solution that can protect all of your applications and services, start a free trial with LoginTC today.

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