Guadalupe County Hospital (GCH) needed an MFA solution for their own internal infrastructure, one that was easy and as simple to deploy as possible. After a comprehensive search, they found LoginTC fit their needs perfectly.

The Challenge: 


The Guadalupe County Hospital (GCH) is a small hospital located in a rural area with a population of 2,000. GCH not only has sensitive medical records to protect, but they also have a pressing need to protect their infrastructure given the size of the hospital. The need for MFA came from recent news on data breaches in the healthcare industry and so their IT department decided to be proactive in securing an MFA solution. 


The biggest challenge in securing an MFA solution was finding one that was inexpensive, easy to deploy, and had a simple ease of use. GCH evaluated multiple MFA solutions to use with their Cisco connector; however, most were difficult to implement, very time consuming, and overwhelming when it came to understanding how it worked. GCH wanted something that users could easily log in to multiple times with ease of use, while also not compromising the efficiency of their workday. 


The Result:


As GCH was evaluating their decision to deploy LoginTC, it was no question that this would be the solution best suited for the organization. LoginTC gave GCH the ability to roll out the solution easily and with no friction. LoginTC’s setup across multiple devices was seamless and allowed for an easy transition between users phones. 


A big help was the documentation located on the LoginTC website. Its step by step instructions allowed for GCH to install the MFA solution by themselves, and eliminated the need to call service for help. 


GCH’s biggest concern was having a security breach. LoginTC creates comfort and safety from breaches, ease of mind, and makes GCH less desirable for data breaches.  


Cost effective, Ease of use, Simple set up:


The LoginTC solution proved to be the superior solution over competitors such as Duo, simply because of its low cost and simple set-up process. For Guadalupe County Hospital, the overall maintenance of users with LoginTC was easier and allowed for safe usage. 


It is Cyphercor’s promise that a LoginTC solution can be set up in less than one hour. Our product was designed with the user in mind. If you’re a company that needs a secure MFA solution with a low cost and an intuitive user design, then LoginTC is the only solution guaranteed to fulfill all your cybersecurity needs. 

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