The Challenge

A few clients of Horizon Consulting LLC were in the process of renewing their cyber insurance policies when they were told they did not have the required MFA protocols in place to be renewed. 

Horizon Consulting evaluated Duo and a few other MFA solutions to try and get their clients secured, but all the solutions they looked at were very difficult to deploy and had a range of drawbacks. 

The Solution

Horizon Consulting found LoginTC and reached out to explain their situation and find out if our solution could help. Our team got back to them shortly, got them set up on a trial of the software, and scheduled a technical implementation demo.

“Citrix is one of the more complicated implementations, and the LoginTC solution was installed and deployed beginning to end in three hours,” said Jake Linkowski of Horizon Consulting. “The speed of deployment and documentation was exactly what we needed.”

“I would highly recommend LoginTC to other companies who need to get their MFA up and running fast for insurance or other purposes,” continued Linkowski. 

Ease of Deployment, Assistance When You Need It

If your company is looking for fast MFA implementation with supportive documentation and hands-on assistance, LoginTC is here for you. We’re also experts in meeting requirements for cyber insurance and other compliance needs. 

Reach out to us today to get your MFA journey started!

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