A leading non-profit needed to improve their cybersecurity protocols for insurance. LoginTC’s fast response and hands-on assistance was just the solution they needed.

When a leading non-profit organization wanted to boost their cybersecurity protocols, they started exploring solutions to add Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to their infrastructure.

They spoke to LoginTC’s customer support team and started a free trial. Things ramped up when their cyber insurance policy came up for renewal. They were told they would not receive coverage if they didn’t implement MFA across their systems.

The Challenge

The non-profit was able to easily secure their cloud applications, but they ran into issues with some of their other systems. Their remote desktop environment needed to be secured, and their existing Microsoft tool wasn’t up to the job. They needed a better option. They also had to consider accessibility concerns when it came to end-user flexibility.

The non-profit evaluated four vendors, including Duo, MiniOrange, SHI, and once again, LoginTC. The decision quickly became an obvious choice.

The Solution

“The team at LoginTC was so responsive right from the start,” their IT administrator says. “While Duo and MiniOrange were spinning their wheels, LoginTC jumped through hoops for us.”

LoginTC was able to protect the non-profit’s Windows Logon and Remote Desktop Web Access services with ease. LoginTC also offered authentication methods that worked for the non-profit’s unique requirements.

“We have a lot of users that use text to speech devices, so email authentication works best for that,” their IT administrator explained. “It also helps because many people didn’t want to install an app on their personal device. Duo didn’t offer that authentication method, but LoginTC had what we needed.”

On service and flexibility, LoginTC can’t be beat

When asked if he would recommend LoginTC to another organization in his position, the IT administrator at the non-profit said yes.

“I would, because the support we received was just so wonderful. The team at LoginTC is so fast at responding to me. No other solution we looked at was delivering the same quality of service.”

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