LoginTC Push

Get an authentication request directly to your smartphone. Approve with a single click and you’re in. A seamless experience that keeps the right people in and the wrong ones out. Policies allow administrators add contextual information, enforce PIN protection and more.

 LoginTC Desktop

Turn your desktop or laptop into a secure second factor authentication device. The LoginTC Chrome Extension installs directly anywhere Chrome is installed. Get the same experience as smartphone app from the convenience of a computer.

 LoginTC Passcode

The LoginTC app also supports a 6-digit One-Time Password. Don’t have internet to receive a push? No problem. Launch the app and enter the code instead.

 SMS Passcode

Don’t always have a smartphone or internet connection? We’ve got you covered. Send a One-Time Passcode to your phone using SMS. Use the code to get in.

 Email Passcode

Have a large user base and can’t guarantee a certain type of technology of phone? Email is here. Send a One-Time Passcode to your email.

 Phone Call

Support teleworkers without mobile or smartphone access? Not a problem. LoginTC can call any phone number and authentication a user directly from the call.

 Security Keys

Phishing-resistant authentication at your fingertips. LoginTC supports a variety security keys that are U2F and WebAuthn compliant.

 Hardware Token

LoginTC supports OATH compliant Hardware Tokens. You can use your own and we even sell our own branded version.

 Bypass Codes

Need emergency access? Bypass codes are here. An administrator can create a one for users in a pinch. Each Bypass Code has a policy for number of times they can be used and for how long they are valid.

 Passcode Grid

Need no-cost authentication options? Look no further than the passcode grid. Print or save as PDF your uniquely generated grid to any device for simple authentication to any application or service.

 Push Number Matching

Number matching is your ticket to strong, user-friendly authentication. Ensure end-users know what requests they’re accepting without adding significant friction to the authentication process.

Phone Call OTP

Coming soon! Don’t always have a smartphone or internet connection? Send a One-Time Passcode to your phone using a phone call. Use the code to get in.

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