MD Live is revolutionizing the way we visit medical professionals through providing a secure, private and convenient way to meet through MD Live’s app.

The organization decided to become HITRUST Certified. Under the Health Information Trust Alliance, they were required to implement a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for remote access.

MD Live has international users signing onto use their services all over the United States, with increasing popularity in other countries.

Required a MFA that would integrate with their current domain servers.

The Challenge

MD Live is a leading healthcare provider app that is revolutionizing the way we visit medical professionals. MD Live makes visiting a doctor private, secure and convenient through the MD mobile app giving patients everywhere access to quality healthcare without ever needing to leave their home.

Protection of their patients information is of utmost importance given the fact that users are revealing very personal and sensitive information about themselves to their physicians. MD Live collects information regarding the patient, prescription details, financial, etc. in order to build their patients electronic file.

MD Live decided that they wanted to become HITRUST Certified, meaning that they wanted their organization to be recognized under the Health Information Trust Alliance as an organization who has a core pillar of information security as part of their health information systems and exchanges. One of the requirements that they needed to meet was to implement a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for remote access.

As the lead on this project, Anthony Mott, the Vice-President of Information Technology Operations of MD Live, started to evaluate the LoginTC solution, along with some of RSA and Yubico’s products. The biggest challenges for MD Live in choosing a MFA solution was making sure that the solution was cost-efficient and would be simple enough to be able to integrate with their current domain servers without disrupting the MD Live’s services.

The Solution

MD Live evaluated each multi-factor authentication solution against three main criterias: cost, ease of implementation, and end-user acceptance. According to Mott, “LoginTC ranked top in all three.”

The biggest improvement that has resulted through implementing the LoginTC solution has been the obvious, improved security.

With international users signing on to use MD Live’s services and with today’s technology currently being on the increase, it is way too easy for a single-factor login such as a username and password to become compromised. Having a second-factor authentication (2FA) helps ensure and confirm the identification of those who are logging on to the app.

A Trusted Solution that is Compliance Certified

A significant improvement for MD Live, and one of the major reasons for researching a multi-factor authentication solution is compliance . Deploying LoginTC’s second-factor authentication solution allows the company to comply with several of the mandates announced by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), HITRUST, Payment Card Industry (PCI), etc.

Easy for Both Clients and Administrators

As a security vendor, LoginTC knows that users dislike having barriers in their way while trying to work, and security is often seen as a barrier, which is why LoginTC ensures that not only will they provide in-depth, easily accessible documentation but also are committed to providing the best customer support.

Mott said, “Domain integration was a snap and LoginTC’s documents on how to configure the appliances, in our case a Cisco ASA for use with SSL VPN, made configuring the overall solution pretty straight forward. Also, LoginTC’s customer support is superb.”

Meet Industry Guidelines and Compliance Expectations

LoginTC’s commitment to having a product that is seamless, secure and easy to deploy is at the top of their list.

If your organization or company, like MD Live, is looking for a multi-factor authentication solution, the LoginTC solution  is guaranteed to fit seamlessly into your current infrastructure. Cyphercor is committed to making sure that you are ready for your next audit and that you are compliant with industry guidelines, ensuring that your clients are protected from harmful security breaches and to ensure that your organization would pass any potential audits.

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