Temple Heelis Law needed to improve their security posture, by adding a second-factor authentication solution that would work seamlessly within their already existing security infrastructure.

Needed to secure their Virtual Private Network remote access for employees across three separate locations to access corporate files.

The Challenge

Temple Heelis Law is a leading firm of Solicitors in South Lakeland, Cumbria, United Kingdom. The firm has been actively involved in providing a wide range of services to business clients for over 200 years, with three other office locations in the Cumbria county.

With Temple Heelis Law’s deep rooted history in the community, the firm is widely known for providing specialized advice and a wide array of services to both individual clients and businesses. Offering legal services at varying fees in all three locations around Cumbria has made the firm an unrivalled local resource for all legal needs in and around the county area.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information that the firm has and keeps records of, it was important to Temple Heelis Law to be certain that they were using the best security infrastructure to protect their database of information against any forms of threats and/or breaches.

When the firm began their research on two-factor authentication solutions, they were already using Watchguard security products as their first-factor solution, but required second-factor authentication to mature their security posture for their SSL VPN. Their big challenge was finding a second-factor solution that would be compatible with their already existing security infrastructure that would add a new layer of protection for their data without causing interruptions to their work.

The Solution

Temple Heelis Law looked to the LoginTC Solution as the obvious choice for maturing their security posture. Requiring a compatible two-factor authentication method for securing their Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN), enabling smart devices with an internet connection to establish a secure remote access VPN connection with a web browser and the LoginTC iPhone app.

With offices in three different locations, it was important for the firm to find a way for all employees to have access to the headquarters database without disrupting their ability to work on time sensitive cases.

“Over time, we have come to appreciate how seamless and convenient the LoginTC solution performs,” said, Col Shaw, IT Manager.

Ease of Deployment, Secure, Remote VPN Access

Temple Heelis Law appreciated that authenticating their employees identity was as easy as three quick steps: their VPN requesting their username and password → receiving a push-based notification their mobile LoginTC app to confirm their identity → upon approval, gaining secure and seamless access to the firm’s corporate network.

LoginTC ensures that authenticating users identity is easy to use, straightforward, simple and quick.

“The LoginTC Solution is a great tool that just works,” said Shaw.

If you’re company needs a tool “that just works,” the LoginTC solution  is guaranteed to fit seamlessly into any existing VPN and first-factor authentication to add a layer of security by including a simple and secure mobile or desktop authentication step to your VPN login process.
LoginTC can adapt to any VPN and secure remote access solution. One of our primary goals at Cyphercor is to create a product that allows administrators to easily deploy connectors that will leverage LoginTC in their identity and can be installed directly into their already existing infrastructures as we did with Temple Heelis Law. For more information, click here .

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