After receiving no help from other MFA vendors, US Global Investors turned to the hands-on set up assistance and simple deployment offered by LoginTC for their cybersecurity needs.

The Challenge

With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, the IT team at US Global Investors wanted to get serious about proactively mitigating the activities of cyber criminals. They knew that their insurance provider would also give them better rates if they boosted their security posture, so they set to work looking for a Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) solution to complement their Outlook Web Access and SonicWall VPN.

They first tried a large MFA vendor, but after trying to figure out the complicated set up process, and receiving no help from the solution provider despite several attempts at communication, they gave up and started looking elsewhere. 

The Solution

That’s when they found LoginTC. 

“The experience was like night and day,” says Rick Thompson, Senior Systems Administrator at US Global Investors. 

Rick started a free trial and LoginTC’s implementation team reached out within the hour to find out what US Global Investors’ unique needs were and troubleshooted some configuration questions. By the end of the day, the implementation work was well on its way.

Simple Set-up, Flexible Options and Expert Support

Rick says his experience with LoginTC has been an extremely positive one. “I had a support question a couple weeks ago that I sent in, someone called me back right away and helped us with the issue we were having. Even though it looked like we would have to upgrade our subscription to use the features we were trying to do, he didn’t try to upsell us but instead looked for a way we could use our existing infrastructure.”

Rick says he loves the flexibility of authentication options and how easy LoginTC is to use as an administrator, but most of all, the people he gets to work with.

“The people behind the product are awesome, they have a real tenacity about the solution. We couldn’t have picked a better company. I would 100% recommend LoginTC to another company in my position.”

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Whatever your MFA needs are, LoginTC is here to help. With simple set up, flexible deployment, authentication and connector options, and experts to help you through the implementation process, LoginTC can handle any configuration. 

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