Cyber MGA BOXX Insurance adds one-hour MFA set up to their Virtual CISO services with LoginTC Assure

The new partnership with LoginTC Assure will allow BOXX to write more cyber policies and further strengthen the security posture of existing policyholders.


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 14, 2022 / — Cyphercor Inc., a cybersecurity startup that provides simple and secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions under their flagship product LoginTC, has today announced a strategic partnership with BOXX Insurance, the first cyber MGA of its kind to offer Canadian businesses all-in-one cybersecurity and cyber insurance solutions.

As researchers report that rates of cybercrime continued to rise 13% this year and network misconfiguration and stolen credentials remain the top driver of security breaches, many cyber insurers are looking for ways to prevent their insureds from attacks, not simply protect them from the financial cost. MFA remains a critical asset to insurers to reduce claims and write more policies, even as many insurers struggle to utilize MFA to its full potential.

The partnership with Cyphercor represents BOXX’s continuing commitment to enhanced cybersecurity and to helping business owners meet increasing digital security needs, close cybersecurity gaps, and build confidence in their security protocols with a hands-on, service-focused approach.

“We’re thrilled to be working closely with BOXX and to be offering the LoginTC Assure solution alongside their exemplary cyber insurance policies,” said Diego Matute, CEO & Founder of Cyphercor. “We believe that cybersecurity professionals and cyber insurers should work together to prevent and protect organizations from threats, and we’re excited to have a partner in that vision with BOXX.”

LoginTC Assure is the world’s first MFA package designed exclusively for cyber insurance requirements. The MFA solution can be deployed in one hour and protects everything BOXX requires for its policyholders to meet security compliance. The package also contains a full review of the organization’s network and MFA implementation to identify critical security vulnerabilities, hands-on technical implementation assistance, monitoring and check-ins, and a set amount of users that scale with the organization’s size.

“BOXX believes that cybersecurity should cover you from all angles, all the time. It’s why BOXX not only insures against threats, it helps proactively prevent them. We are delighted to be partnering with Cyphercor to help our customers close their cybersecurity gaps,” said Jack Brooks, Head of Hackbusters at BOXX Insurance.

The LoginTC Assure package will be offered as an add-on to BOXX Insurance’s Cyberboxx: Business Edition services for prospective clients that don’t meet the minimum security requirements, and to existing policyholders whose security posture needs an upgrade at renewal time.

About BOXX Insurance:

BOXX Insurance Inc. helps businesses, individuals and families insure and defend against cyber threats. BOXX Insurance Inc. is privately-held with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. BOXX’s vision is to help businesses, individuals and families stay ahead of, respond to and recover from cyber threats, putting their digital safety first. For further information, please visit

About Cyphercor:

Cyphercor is an MFA provider dedicated to simple, intuitive solutions to today’s digital security threats. Cyphercor’s flagship product, LoginTC, is built for small to medium-sized businesses looking to add an additional layer of security to their critical infrastructure that is cost-effective and easy to deploy and manage. Cyphercor partners with MSPs, MSSPs, and insurers to deliver best-in-class solutions and high-touch services to organizations across the globe.

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