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LoginTC Becomes an Official Partner of WatchGuard

December 09, 2016Patrick Duffin

LoginTC is pleased to announce our official partnership with WatchGuard. WatchGuard is one of the leading competitors of advanced network security, including firewall and threat management solutions. WatchGuard uses advanced and cutting-edge hardware technology to ensure your network is as safe as possible and includes systems that are easy to administer and control. A perfect compliment to award winning hardware and network protection, LoginTC provides yet another layer of security with two-factor authentication.

WatchGuard has recently introduced the WatchGuardONE Technology Partner Program that supports industry leading and innovative technology to provide the most secure network and the most seamless integration.

But why is it so important to have an advanced network security solution throughout every point of the network? There are a multitude of tools and devices that can compromise systems and network security. This includes modems, printers, smartphones, and VOIP phones. In today’s technology driven society, each point that is unsecured becomes vulnerable to network attacks, spamware, information leaks, etc.

By utilizing an advanced network security solution such as WatchGuard, and protecting your users with a secure way to login and authenticate, the risk of cyber security attacks is still possible, but much less likely. Combining hardware and software solutions also provides the best defense against attack, and having these systems integrate seamlessly is also important for quick setup and added security.

No network is 100% secure, but with the proper infrastructure in place and the most innovative solutions available, companies are much more secure and able to defend against today’s security threats. LoginTC is proud to be one of the most innovative two-factor authentication solutions for smartphones and desktops, and is proud to partner with WatchGuard advanced network security systems.

To learn more about implementing LoginTC 2FA with your WatchGuard appliance, click here.

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