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Product update brings more streamlined authentication tools to LoginTC

February 07, 2024Diego Matute

LoginTC’s first product update of 2024 brings new usability features for more authentication methods. Last year ended with the announcement of FIDO2 compatibility in the Windows Logon and RDP Connector, and this year more updates for the FIDO2 authentication method are already here.

Administrators can now leverage user-enrollment for FIDO2 tokens, as well as a dedicated Passcode Grid management page.

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FIDO2 Security Keys in User Enrollment Portal

LoginTC Administrators can now distribute security keys efficiently to users with the addition of FIDO2 tokens to the LoginTC Enrollment Portal.

The LoginTC Enrollment portal allows end-users to self-enroll in the authentication methods that are enabled on their account. End-users receive an email with a link that takes them to an enrollment portal. The portal displays the authentication options that they can set-up in their account.

With the addition of FIDO2 authentication to the enrollment portal options, LoginTC Administrators can now more easily deploy phishing-resistant authentication to their entire user base.

Administrators can enable Security Keys in the Enrollment Email settings of the LoginTC Admin Panel.

When end-users receive the email to enroll, the Security Key method now appears as an authentication method in their portal.

Using an administrator-provided token, the user follows the steps to enroll their new token.

Once the user has successfully enrolled their security key, administrators can see the authentication method listed in their user profile page in the LoginTC Admin Panel.

FIDO2 tokens are strong and easy to use for a variety of authentication use cases.

Learn more about FIDO2 tokens here

Passcode Grid Management Page

The new Passcode Grid page in the LoginTC Admin Panel allows administrators to easily perform bulk actions with all active Passcode Grids.

You can now see all passcode grids from one central page, including who they’re assigned to and when they expire. From this page, you can search for a specific passcode grid, as well as delete or mass delete passcode grids.

Passcode Grids are a great alternative to physical tokens and can be used in a wide variety of use cases.

What is a passcode grid? Read more about it here

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