Mobile two-factor authentication for VPN

A solution that just works

No need to change your existing VPN and first factor. LoginTC works with your existing deployment and adds an additional layer of security by including a simple and secure mobile or desktop authentication step to your VPN login process.

A simple and secure solution that meets your needs. With LoginTC you can get up and running in hours not months. Keep your data and networks secure today.

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Plug and Play Virtual Appliance

Get up and running quickly with the LoginTC RADIUS Connector Appliance. This Virtual Machine is made to be deployed in your virtual infrastructure sitting in between your VPN and existing first factor (Active Directory, LDAP or RADIUS).

Its web based installation, configuration and ongoing operational management provides outstanding performance and improved use of resources.

The appliance is freely available to download, deploy and use for up to 10 users. Simple as that.

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Works with any VPN

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Take control of your two-factor policy

The LoginTC Admin Panel simplifies managing two-factor authentication for your network and service access. The web based control panel allows you to create your domain(s) to be protected, issue and revoke tokens, perform user lifecycle management actions, access logs, decide on service specific policies and much more.

On board users easily with the bulk upload tool, Active Directory / LDAP synchronization tool and by adding them directly within the control panel.

Sign up is free for up to 10 users.

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Secure push based two-factor authentication

For your end users, LoginTC is a mobile or desktop application installed on their mobile device or desktop computer.

The LoginTC push notification is a robust, highly secure and efficient service for propagating multifactor authentication notifications to all smart devices and desktops supported by LoginTC.

LoginTC push notifications take place through a Service-to-Device connection trust, which allows LoginTC Cloud Services to initiate a secure TLS wireless notification and session with a device hosting the LoginTC app over a carrier network or the internet.

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