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MFA Assessments Unpacked Part 4: Finishing your MFA Assessment

April 04, 2023Victoria Savage

In our last installment of our series MFA Assessments Unpacked, we dug into the meat of how to conduct an MFA assessment. Now that you’ve determined the scope of your MFA implementation and strength of your authentication types, it’s time to take action.

These final two steps will show you how to address identified gaps in your MFA implementation and find strong authentication solutions that work for your organization.

Let’s dive in!

MFA Assessment Step 5: Build a plan to address gaps

With gaps identified in your MFA implementation and authentication solutions, it’s time to create a unique plan that works for your organization in order to address those gaps.

We recommend starting with improving how comprehensive your MFA usage is. Ensuring that MFA is used everywhere by everyone at all times is the most critical step you can take to ensure that your MFA solution is working best.

Anywhere you have found that users aren’t being asked frequently enough, or at all, to provide second factor authentication, add an MFA requirement there.

Then it’s time to strengthen your authentication methods. It’s important to keep in mind that adding a stronger authentication method isn’t always possible with every application or service. You can contact the relevant service directly to find out what their available authentication methods are, or your MFA provider.

Once you’ve determined your available authentication methods, get your team involved. Keeping end-users informed about changes to their log-in process is a good way to build buy-in.

Here are some ideas for getting everyone at your organization involved in the security process:
Run a survey or questionnaire about what types of MFA people are using elsewhere in their lives.
Conduct a training session to teach people about the benefits of certain kinds of authentication methods.
Plan a communication strategy leading up to the rollout of new authentication methods.

Following these steps will get you on the road to improved MFA security.

MFA Assessment Step 6: Find the best solution for your company

Lastly, now that you have identified gaps and created a roadmap to fix them, you’ll need to find solutions that are going to work for your organization’s business processes.

In some cases, there may be built-in MFA options that you can enable for a particular asset. Enabling those settings is a good first step to fix some of those gaps.

If you want an all-in-one MFA solution that will protect all of your assets and users as well as offer a variety of authentication methods, then there’s a few things you want to look for in a solution depending on your size.

If you’re a small to medium sized organization with not a lot of resources to implement and deploy an MFA solution, then looking for something that’s simple to set-up and offers hands-on assistance is critical.

On the other hand, larger organizations might want to consider the flexibility of particular solutions, as well as more advanced features like policy management and more secure deployment options.

For a no-commitment consultation and free trial, you can always reach out to us, regardless of your organization’s size or unique needs.

Up next: Get the MFA Assessment tool that does it all

Tune in next time where we’ll wrap up our MFA assessment series by introducing a new MFA assessment tool that will allow you to efficiently complete all these steps and deliver you an actionable report to take action.

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