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On-Prem, On-Premise, or On-Premises? What do you call MFA software not deployed in the cloud?

March 14, 2024Victoria Savage

on-prem mfa

On-premises, on-premise, or on-prem MFA? Whatever you call it, this blog post explores what on-premises technology is, the different names for it, and how you can utilize it at your organization.

What is an on-premises MFA solution?

On-premises MFA software gives you the full functionality of a third-party MFA solution but with added control over your security operations by using a self-hosted deployment method.

Instead of deploying through the cloud, like their SaaS software counterparts, on-prem solutions are hosted directly on an organization’s local servers. They offer enhanced control and security over an organization’s data, network connections. They require no external internet connectivity to function.

What are the other names for on-premises software?

With so many different names for the technology, you might be wondering what they all mean, and if they all refer to the same thing.

what is on prem mfa

Let’s break down each of the common names and their definitions.

On-Premises MFA:

On-premises is the full name for MFA software solutions that are deployed directly in-house, or “on your premises”. It is defined in contrast to cloud-based, or Software as a Solution (Saas) software, that is managed by a third-party company you pay a subscription fee to use.

On-Premise MFA:

While “On-premises” is the grammatically correct version of the technology, “on-premise” has arisen as a colloquial version of the same term. Dropping the ‘s’ makes it easier to pronounce, and it’s one less letter you have to type.

On-Prem MFA:

On-prem — also referred to as “onprem” or “on prem” — is the common short-form version of the term on-premises. Functionally, it means the same thing and is used as a casual nickname by many software developers and IT administrators.

Self-Hosted MFA:

Related to on-premises, self-hosting is when you run and maintain MFA services and applications on your own infrastructure, instead of purchasing or renting services from third party technology providers. The name refers specifically to the fact that the software is being hosted completely on your own infrastructure, rather than on someone else’s.

On-Site MFA:

Another common name for on-premises technology is “on-site”. This refers specifically to the idea that the MFA software is being managed and stored physically on the site where your company or organization is. Of course, on-site software doesn’t always mean it’s literally on your site, but it does mean you have the same level of control over it as if it were.

Internal MFA:

Internal systems are actually software systems that are not customer facing, but rather serve exclusively your internal employees or corporate infrastructure. These could be cloud solutions, but are commonly hosted on-premises.

What are the benefits of on-premises MFA solution?

benefits of on prem mfa

Depending on your organization’s unique situation, there can be many benefits to implementing an on-premises MFA solution.

  • More Control: While pure cloud-based SaaS solutions offer out-of-the-box solutions to most MFA needs, an on-prem solution can offer you more control over your security operations.
  • Compliance Ready: Many compliance standards require that some types of data and services be hosted on your premises. Choosing an on-premises solution is also a great way to meet requirements around where data is hosted.
  • No External Dependencies: With an on-prem MFA solution, you can run your complete security operations without ever having to connect to the internet. Including fully offline upgrades.
  • Enhanced Security: Combining the advanced control features and independence of an on-premise solution offers an enhanced security environment for highly security-conscious organizations.

What should I look for in an on-premises MFA solution?

whats in on prem mfa

If an on-prem solution sounds right for you, it’s time to find a solution that fits your unique needs. Look for an MFA solution that has the following capabilities:

  • Connects where you need it: Ensure your chosen on-prem MFA solution can connect to all of your applications and services that you want to protect. Additionally find out if it can leverage existing infrastructure, such as Active Directory, to connect to your services.
  • Multiple authentication methods: Look for a solution that offers multiple different authentication methods that offer a range of use cases for diverse end-user needs.
  • Offline capabilities: Make sure that the on-premises solution can operate fully offline, including upgrades as well as day-to-day authentication.
  • Fully supported: Just because you need an on-prem solution, doesn’t mean you need to give up the support of a SaaS solution. Choose a solution that comes with good customer support and documentation.
  • Easy to use: You don’t sacrifice usability when it comes to on-premises solutions. Pick an MFA solution that will be just as easy as a SaaS solution for your end users to operate, and for your administrators to manage.

How to find an on-premises MFA solution

Once you understand your organization’s unique requirements, it’s time to find a solution that will work for you.

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