The Managed Service Provider Hub (MSP Hub) allows administrators to manage multiple LoginTC organization in a multi-tenant fashion.

Reseller Agreement required
Access to this feature requires being a LoginTC reseller. To become a partner contact us today!

Video Walkthrough

Guide to using the MSP Hub.


To access the MSP Hub dashboard click on the organization name in the top header to reveal a drop down menu. Then click MSP Hub.

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From the MSP manage existing and new LoginTC organizations and administrators:

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To go back to a LoginTC organization click Go to LoginTC Admin Panel and then select an organization:

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New Organization

To create a new organization click New Organization:

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From this page select new administrators to add to the organization and pick from a list of existing administrators and their corresponding roles.

15-Day Business tier trial
New organizations are automatically enrolled into a 15-Day Business tier trial so you can use them immediately.

New Administrator

To create a new administrator click New Administrator:

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Enter the email of the administrator and select which organizations they should be administering alongside the corresponding role. New administrator will receive an email inviting them to sign up and then accept the invitation.


To view all existing organizations click Organizations:

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Filter organizations by name and click on a name to view all administrators for the organization:

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Administrators can be invited to, roles changed for and removed from the current organization.


To view all existing administrators click Administrators:

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Filter administrators by email and click on an email to view all organizations for the administrator:

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Administrators can be invited to other organizations, roles changed and removed from organizations.