Two Factor Flow

User experience is tied to user adoption. Multi-factor authentication should be simple for users to use and at the same time reduce security risks. LoginTC uses something the user already has: their smartphone.





Instead of an OTP, the mobile networks identify the device as a 2nd factor. A secure notification is sent directly to the user’s smartphone. This is not an SMS, rather a native notification which allows the user to launch directly into the mobile app.


In one screen, a user can make an informed decision as to whether to approve or deny a request. Along with a custom pictogram, transaction specific attributes are included in addition to the service and username. These attributes can be static (i.e. a legal disclaimer) or dynamic (i.e. geo source of request) based on domain specific settings.


An administrator can also select which approve policy a user uses for accepting a request. One-step, 4-digit PIN, or a passcode can be employed. Administrators can define additional policies, like passcode length, for even greater control over the authentication process. For more information please see Creating Domains.

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